Our company was born in 1977, from the beginning, our main objetive was making first quality footwear, handcrafted in Arnedo,through vulcanization, an exclusive technique, which provides to our products an optimal comfort and durability.

In the past 4 decades, “Isasa” has built its reputation as a recognized brand in the shoes sector, nationally and internationally, adding to our catalog of products, the manufacture of handmade espadrilles, sewn by the shoemaker artisans of our area.

At the beginning of the New Millennium, with the incorporation of the second generation of our family, “Oldroof” was born, with the aim of creating a footwear that we have always wanted to wear: versatile, comfortable, affordable and with high quality materials. Always mixing tradition and modernity .




Since our inception, Isasa has been committed to providing customers with high quality shoes. The best specialists in the footwear industry produce our shoes, combining traditional techniques with new technologies in ergonomics, ecology and comfort.

Isasa Espadrilles are made with an ethics based on the utilization of  environment-friendliness products, without harmful substances and respecting scrupulously the labor laws of our workers, our family.

In our company, we have a design department, which elaborates more advanced samples, reinventing the last market trends and applying the last technologies, to obtain the maximum comfort in our espadrilles and slippers, with the newest design in all our articles.

The following pillars are what make our footwear unique:


Spanish vulcanized

Vulcanized is a shoe construction technique in which rubber is heated in a mould to form the shoe sole and then the upper and sock are placed into it. This process is known as vulcanizing and is part of the artisanal Spanish shoemaking process.

This is a painstaking process that results in a unique product. All of that without the use of any chemical or glue product, Isasa footwear is manufactured exclusively thanks to heating and force of pressure.

Hand sewn

We continue to use the espadrille sewing technique, used by our grandparents, which makes each espadrille unique and that makes us maintain and respect the traditions of the area.

Materials of the highest quality

Premium materials, of Spanish origin, are used to make each Isasa model. These materials make every pair comfortable, durable, and adaptable to the conditions of every moment you’re wearing them.

Modern design

Our footwear are designed to fit the unique and personal style of each of you.

Extreme comfort

Our ideal shoe is which you can use it all day : from the first hour to last hour, working or going out with friends. This is only made possible by Isasa’s maximum comfort.