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Our company was born in 1977, from the beginning, our main objetive was making first quality footwear, handcrafted in Arnedo,through vulcanization, an exclusive technique, which provides to our products an optimal comfort and durability.


Since our very beginning, Isasa has committed to providing customers with high quality office supplies. The best specialists in the footwear industry produce our shoes, combining traditional vulcanized with new technologies in ergonomics, ecology and comfort.

Isasa Slippers are made with an ethics based on the utilization of  environment-friendliness products, without harmful substances and respecting scrupulously the labor laws of our workers.

In our company, we have a design department, which elaborates more advanced samples, reinventing the last market trends and applying the last technologies, to obtain the maximum comfort in our slippers, with the newest design in all our articles.

In the past 4 decades Isasa has built its reputation as a recognized brand in the shoes sector, nationally and internationally.

Isasa shoes slippers About us vulcanized



Spanish vulcanized is a shoe construction technique in which rubber is heated in a mould to form the bottom of a shoe and then the upper and sock are placed into it. This process is known as vulcanizing and is part of the artisanal Spanish shoemaking process.

This is a painstaking process that results in a unique product. The soles are then allowed to dry naturally for a few days and then the shoe will be ready for finishing.


Comodidad, sin lugar a dudas es el punto fuerte de estas zapatillas, su buena adaptabilidad al pie hacen de estas zapatillas, sin lugar a dudas, las más cómodas que en mi vida probé.

Jorge Garcia, 39 años

Lo que las hace tan cómodas, es que tienen la suela por dentro acolchada, lo cual te va dando como un masaje al andar, con ellas puedo andar horas y horas.

Irene Monsalve, 34 años